Avalokiteshvara Dharma Through Compassion Birthday Card by Briar

AVALOKITESHVARA DHARMA THROUGH COMPASSION BRIAR FANTASY ART BIRTHDAY GREETING CARD. This image is shows the picture with woman sitting on a throne within the middle of a jungle. The woman wears a white dress with a green belt tied around her.



Avalokiteshvara Dharma Through Compassion Birthday / Greeting Card by Briar taken from an original painting by this renowned world artist.

Amazing vivid painting of the ruins in a forgotten jungle where a lady in traditional costume sits upon a throne with a stone plinth with an inscription on it.

A really great birthday/greeting card to have for anyone who loves fantasy art. The card has been left blank so you can write your very own special message.  The envelope is also designed and painted by Briar, may vary

The card measures 17 cm x 12 cm and is printed using vegetable inks on cards made from sustainable trees.