Ancient Wisdom Woodland Walk Fragrance Oil 10 ml

10 ml bottle with screw on top of ancient wisdom woodland walk fragrance oil from there floral range.

Ancient Wisdom


Ancient Wisdom Woodland Walk fragrance oil from their floral range has a wonderful aroma that just transports you into a woodland setting where you can breath deeply the fragrant meadow flowers and plants and the new growth of springtime trees and seasonal flowers.  The mixture makes you feel relaxed and calm, perfect for our busy lifestyles.

Each 10 ml bottle comes with a screw on cap for you to drop as much or as little as you wish into your oil burner or potpourri as it does not come with a plastic applicator or bung.  The bottle and cap are all fully recyclable.  Keep away from children, not for consumption and avoid polished surfaces.

These fragrance oils are best suited to smaller oil burners to appreciate their aroma, as the smaller oil burners will get warmer quicker and evaporate the water / fragrance better.