Acorn Pixie Birthday Card by Anne Stokes

Acorn pixie birthday card by Anne Stokes. the front of the card has an image of a child pixie sitting on a pile of acorns whilst laughing. Birthday wishes is written on the top of the card in a white font.
This images shows the inside of the card with one side having an image of a woman giving a large dragon a box of gold while the other is blank with a message in the centre saying have a magical birthday in a black font.
The front of the envelop has a blank middle surrounded by leaves and a small green dragon looking down at the blank space.
the back of the envelop is covered in leaves while at the seal of the envelop there is a small drawn on dragon butterfly pin.



Cute Acorn Pixie sitting on a pile of acorns with the words Birthday Wishes above him.

Envelope also designed by Anne Stokes with a relief on the front inside, the card has the message "A Magical Birthday" printed inside.

Printed on FSC accredited paper with vegetable based ink by a printer who conforms to all ISO standards, tree friendly.