7" Blue Sage and Mistletoe Smudge Stick

Picture of our Blue Sage and Mistletoe Smudge stick wrapped in natural cotton

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Blue Sage and Mistletoe is an amazing Smudge to burn for your home.

The Blue Sage is a purifying herb (also known as Grandmothers Sage).  Like White Sage Blue Sage can be used to cleanse and purify the home, person or object providing spiritual strength for you and is another good herb to burn to remove negativity from your home.

Native Americans use smudging for spiritual transformation, raise vibrations or purify a home, room person or object. When Sage is burnt it releases negative ions which in turn allows the purification to occur

The reason Blue Sage is a perfect addition to the mistletoe is because its fragrance is not as strong as White Sage and I believe when mixed with other scents it does not over power them.

Mistletoe can be burnt on its own for protection, forgiveness and reconciliation as well as to attract love.  During the middle ages Mistletoe was hung over the doorway to ward off evil spirits and witches that would harm them or their families.

The Mistletoe does not have any fragrance as such so the predominant fragrance you will smell when burning this smudge will be the more subtle Blue Sage.

Directions for burning sage: 

Light the sage and blow out the flame.

Wash your hands in the smoke and allow the smoke to billow around your body.  Once you have done this you can then repeat this process in your room.  Once you have cleansed yourself and the room you can use the smoke to cleanse, purify and protect your space by waving the smudge stick and spreading the smoke with a feather. (You may need to re-light your smudge)

Whilst moving around repeat your intention for purification whilst moving in a clockwise direction around your home/space remember to begin from the east.

The ritual of sage smudging and purification is intention-based.  You do not have to perform the process exactly.  In fact, different Native American cultures may vary the process from tribe to tribe.  Knowing that if your heart is pure, the effort and intention will be enough.

The size of the smudge is 7"

Keep away from pets and children and flammable objects.

We try to make sure that we use as little plastic as possible and our smudges, wood and herbs are bought in bulk and packed in air tight containers.  When posted they will be wrapped in brown paper and placed in a cardboard outer.  Try to keep the product in an airtight container, a glass jar or similar.