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Oil Burner Review | White Double Oil Burner | How Does It Work?

This video gives a review on the product, packaging and how it works with a few oil burning tips along the way.

white ceramic oil burner which allows two tea lights and ability to burn two different fragrances from one burner, contemporary design.


Hari Darshan Incense Sticks | Why does my Incense Stick Burn Quicker? | Hexagonal Incense Review

In this review we take a look at some of the Hari Darshan hexagonal incense sticks fragrances, reviews their burn time, how the fragrance moves around the home and how it can help you and/or your home.  We have also included a reply to a question as to why some sticks burn faster than advertised.

Hari Darshan hexagonal incense packet review


Jade Plant Bonsai | How to Shape and Style your Bonsai Tree | Bonsai Growing for Wellbeing

This video shows how hobbies can help with your mental and spiritual health.  In this video we are chatting about how to design and shape your Jade Bonsai. From the pot plant to the next stage when you plant it into your bonsai pot and style into your initial shape. Check out the full video and by clicking on the photo below 😊

 Before and after of a Jade Plant Bonsai


Satya Incense Review | Incense Sticks | Incense for Blessing | Which is Best? | New BNG Fragrance

Satya BNG have brought out a new incense fragrance Divine Blessing in this video we talk about its fragrance and how it differs to the LLP Blessing brand.

Photo showing Satya LLp Blessings and BNG Divine Blessing