Wholesale Account


We also offer wholesale within our DMRLS retail web site www.dmrls.co.uk  Please contact us through our contact page with details of your business

You will need to be:

  • a shop
  • someone who sells goods to the public
  • an online seller / website
  • a therapist who sells to clients
  • starting out with a new retail business
  • a party planner
  • a company who needs a large number of items for a promotional event

    We offer wholesale on a selection of our products at present that are available for wholesale on dmrls.co.uk.   

    To find out more please contact Jane or Paul on  07110802786 or jane@dmrls.co.uk

    All orders are Pro Forma Only

    Payment can be made by Paypal, credit or debit cards via invoice or direct over the phone.