Meanings of Fragrances

When you are choosing your incense, perfume  or any number of our product range you can see what fragrances can help you at that particular time in your life whether spiritual or physical.

We hope you find the following interesting and helpful.

Aagarwood - Meditation, spirituality and prayer.

Aloe Vera - Perfect to burn for anyone who is studying or revising for exams as this incense will enhance your thoughts and stimulate your brain function allowing your emotions to stay in balance.

Amber - Enhances happiness, healing, strength and confidence.

Californian White Sage - Healing herb, cleanser and purifier for spirituality.

Cedar - Protection, healing and help with dreams. A good fragrance for cleansing and purification.

Chandan - (Sandalwood) will help lift melancholy you may have and aid in a restful night sleep.  Combatting irritability and promoting compassion and enhancing meditation.

Cinnamon - Boost your memory, helps with memory tasks.  Helps you relax, relieves anxiety and improving your mood.

Citronella - Insect repellent, cleansing and healing.

Coconut - Protection and purification.

Copal - A good incense for making changes in your life, it offers purification, cleansing and removal of negative energies and perfect for meditation.

Dragons Blood - Used for ritual purposes, spells to bring someone back that has left, protection and love.

Forest - (Pine) healing, strength, cleansing and attracting money into your life.

Frangipani - Friendship and love.

Frankincense - Frankincense incense when burnt has many attributes.  It dispels negativity giving protection, aids meditation and attracts good luck and positivity in your home.  On spiritual guide it helps with astral strength and helps with psychic visions.

Jasmine - Has many multiple use some being astral projection, wealth, happiness, attracts money, dreams and love.

Karma - Meditation, yoga and relaxation.

Lavender - Cleanings, healing, love, happiness and relieve of stress helping you to sleep restfully.

Lemon - Is good for clearing your mind, allowing to achieve the goals you set yourself, it also cleanses and purifies your home.

Lemongrass - Will aid in your mental well being relieving stress and helping you feel calm and relaxed.  It will help you with sleepless nights and is most commonly used to keep gnats away.

Lotus - Whilst meditation it will open your minds eye allowing inner peace and harmony to your mood offering spiritual healing and protection. 

Magnolia - Enhance commitment in relationships and love within the family and home.

Musk - Promotes courage and prosperity as well as heightening sensual feelings.

Myrrh - Ancient incense for promoting protection, healing, purification and aiding spirituality in meditation.

Nag Champa - Can be used to purify and sanctify an area or home with dreams and sleep.

Oodh - (Aargwood) helping with prayer and spirituality.

Opium - has a complete calming effect aiding with improving our mood which in turn helps with a good nights rest.

Palo Santo - Known for its healing qualities, burn this little gem for spirituality, healing, rituals, purifications and cleansing.

Patchouli - Attracts love, promotes fertility and attracts growth of money.

Rose - Not only promotes love, compassion and devotion it is attributed to spiritual attunement.  It gives you a sense of peace and has a calming effect if you feel angry, e4nhancing sleep, happiness and confidence.

Sandalwood - Spiritual healing, protection and purification.

Strawberry - Love, luck and friendship.

Tangerine - A solar aroma to attract prosperity.

Traditional Ayurveda - Traditionally used in temples and for healing.

Vanilla - Helps with mental alertness and enhances the memory.

White Musk - Promotes courage and prosperity as well as heightening sensual feelings.

White Sage - Healing herb, cleanser and purifier for spirituality.