We have spent a long time wondering about what we should write on this page; we have looked at many other web sites and everyone talks about their qualifications and experiences and almost everyone promises to provide the best service, products and price.     


Well we are a little different to everyone else.  We promise to treat you, our customer, exactly as we like and expect to be treated.  We will promise to provide the best possible products at the best possible price and do our very best to insure they arrive safely at your door as soon as possible. 


If for some reason we do not stick to these promises, we expect you to challenge us to make things right.   


So that is our promise to you if you do want to read more about us and our company you can read the following rather humorous tongue in cheek About Us, feel free to let us know what you think.   


Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about us and our company.  First an answer to the often-asked question, why DMRLS?  Well we would like to say that it is a complicated anagram for a sacred code only known to a secret order of Warrior Monks sworn to protect the Earth and all living things but sadly the answer is much simpler.       


D is for Dad

M is for Mum

R is for Ryan (our eldest)

L is for Luke (our middle one)

S is for Seth (the youngest one)       


Yes, you guessed it, we are a Family run business.  At the moment it is mostly Paul & I who do the lion’s share of the work, the brood only join in when we are really busy.         


We have been self-employed for most of our lives working from home because we wanted to home educate our children.  We are proud to say that one is now in University, one is in College and the last one gets all our attention, that should turn him in to a real genius or a raving lunatic, no half measures in our house.


The other question is why incense?  The simple answer to that is because it seems like we always have.  The hubby was introduced to incense/joss sticks by his older brother & sister when he was a child and has used it all his life and when I met him, I fell in love with it too.             


Over the years we have sampled many different types of incense from all over the world.  Some of them have claimed to be stronger, purer, longer lasting.  This has led us to just a few selected manufacturers that we find reliable and consistent in quality and quantity with ingredients used and of course good value for money, although even now we are eager to try any new products and welcome suggestions so if you have tried something new recently or are a manufacturer that we do not feature, get in touch and we will be happy to talk about it and possibly stock it in the future. 


One of our other main product ranges is our incense burners we really love these over the years we have used many different ways of holding incense, but we find that our soapstone bottles work the best.  They keep everything tidy and contain all the mess but for us the best thing about them is the way they diffuse the smoke, they break up the smoke so that it is softer and smells better because it is not so concentrated and the scent gets around the home much easier.   


They are also allowing us to develop our own designs which we love doing, our first attempt at producing our very own design was the Guardian Cobra which you can read more about on our blog page.   


Generally, we love going out and finding new and interesting things that we can sell, we only stock things that we like and would use ourselves.         


Hopefully we have given you a genuine idea of who we are and what we do, and we look forward to serving you soon.   


Any questions please contact us on info@dmrls.co.uk