Sac Apple Cinnamon and Clove Fragrance Oil 10 ml bottle



Apple, Cinnamon & Clove Fragrance Oil comes in a 10 ml bottle, each bottle has it's own applicator which allows you to drop the quantity of oil into the water or potpourri as you require.

It is a perfect alternative to incense or if you just want to try something different.  You can use the fragrance oil in an oil burner or just on potpourri if you prefer to bring the warm tones of this fragrance into your home.

Apple, Cinnamon & Clove has a lovely soothing fragrance, with the Cinnamon and Clove the stronger scents and the Apple playing subtly in the background.  The combination of all three fragrances removes stress and stimulates your desires.  This is perfect for Christmas or any time of the year when you just need to remove stress from your life and let positivity in creating the ability to move forward with your dreams.

Apple - helps with happiness, love & friendship

Cinnamon - Brings confidence and good luck, energy to achieve goals, attracts prosperity and good fortune.

Clove - wow this little gem can help with so many things in your life starting with stimulation intellectually - improving memory and focus, business success, wealth, prosperity protection and alleviating fear. 

 Please note this is a fragrance oil and not an essential oil and should only be used with an oil burner, potpourri or similar item.

The bottles are sealed to prevent evaporation and leakage, you will need to remove the stopper and replace with the applicator before use.