Tribal Soul New Fragrances & How They can Help You

So, as promised I have spent this week enjoying the new Tribal Soul fragrances and will be giving honest information on how the scent lasts and if it lives up to its hype.

First - was the beautiful Tribal Soul Sweet grass and Cedar and this did not disappoint in any shape or form.

As with all Tribal Soul incense the incense stick lasted just over 60 minutes and smoked well (as you know i prefer the soapstone carved incense burners) so the diffusion of the incense is spread move evenly about our home.

The combination of the sweet grass and cedar was a perfect match, the incense was not at all pungent and gave a gentle sweet woody fragrance that was soothing and pleasant.

It is a perfect incense to light for cleansing your home offering healing and protection and i must admit when lit the fragrance does have this overwhelming sensation of feeling good, perfect for banishing any negativity you have had that day.

Second - was the Tribal Soul White Sage & Palo Santo 

Again just over 60 minutes before going out and the fragrance stayed in our home for about 24 hours - not quite as long as the Sweet grass and Cedar.

The first scent to reach me was the lovely herbal fragrance of White Sage which was quickly followed by the sweet woody smell of Palo Santo.  It did not take long for this incense to blend these two beautiful fragrances together and the combined scent was sublime.

As most of you will know White sage is a perfect incense to burn for cleansing and removing negativity from your life, home and or any objects whilst Palo Santo is a wonderful healing incense. (I use it for my sons eczema on his hands - amazing stuff).

This incense just makes you feel good and is a great incense to burn to combat the frustrations of life that creep up on us from time to time.

Third to try was the Tribal Soul Palo Santo and Pinion Pine

This incense stick lasted just under the 60 minutes  but if you love the smells of forest and wood this is a brilliant incense to burn.

It smoked well and was in nearly all our rooms within minutes of lighting.  As I've said before I genuinely love Palo Santo but have honestly not really burnt my Pinion pine wood that much so I was interested to see how these two fragrances would combine.

Once again Hari Darshan have not disappointed with the new range and the fragrance is now in my top ten of favourite incense to use.

The rich Pine fragrance from the Pinion Pine is probably the stronger of the two fragrances but you cannot mistake the Palo Santos gentle scent underlying this two tone incense.

Palo Santo is a perfect incense to burn for healing and with the Pinion Pine it clears the way for you to experience cleansing your aura and strengthening your spiritual self.

Finally we have the Tribal Soul White sage and Lavender

Now I left this to last I was in need of some cleansing and relaxation, we'd had a busy, hectic week and I just wanted to re-charge; starting with burning this particular incense so that I could feel relaxed and start the next day refreshed.

The incense did not smoke as much as the other three but still well enough to reach our rooms in a few minutes but I didn't like the mixture of the White sage with the Lavender - don't know why?

The White sage was definitely the stronger of the two fragrances with the Lavender not really coming through that much but you could smell its fragrance.  but in saying that my youngest son enjoyed it.

The White sage and Lavender is a good combination due to the White Sage cleansing any negativity of the day away followed with the Lavender this is a perfect incense to burn for returning your emotional balance and aiding with relaxation.

I did actually have a good nights sleep so who am i to say it didn't work.

But on saying that, this is my own experience with the incense you may have a similar of totally different experience that's what makes us all so unique.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog about these great new incense's, if you have any questions or ideas on what you would like me to write about next just drop me a line at

from all of us at enjoy x

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