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I’ve recently had some time to think about life, and everything around it, and I’ve come to realise that some people are becoming lost in the fact that they believe that everything they do is pre-planned for them, that no matter what they do they’ll end up in the same place, but that’s not true that’s not the truth.

Life is an amazing journey, that’s kinder on some than others, but the truth is our life is only written in stone when you start thinking I can’t instead of I can, or there’s no point instead of let’s try this; I’ve come to think that because so many of us are told that if we don’t get this we can’t do that, it removes the will to try, it removes that drive to keep going; but I want you to imagine that your looking in a mirror, one in front of you and one behind, now how many reflections do you see.

Now most will take a few moments to realise that there’s more reflections than the one in front of them, that there’s more options than the one given to them.

Now people who know that they have more than one way to go will see all the reflections behind the one that’s covering them, so many people miss that, so many people see just that one reflection missing all the chances behind it; people have gotten so used to going from point A to point B, that they forget there’s a point C, D, E and so on, I want to change that by reminding people that there’s more than one way, share the hashtag #morethanoneway.

by Luke Day

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