With Christmas fast approaching what better way to find that extra special gift than at a Christmas Gift Fair.

At the Royal Windsor Racecourse there will be an extraordinary Gift show over this weekend, 17th & 18th November, from 10 am to 4pm both days, with luscious food to tickle all taste buds from the savoury cheese to those sweet cakes and fudges.

This is our first year at Windsor and we will be bringing all our old favourites plus some new delights to make your Christmas Gift extra special or smaller gifts to add as stocking fillers, bringing the smell of Christmas to your home.

Satya incense sticks and Hem Cones with the delights of Frankincense, Myrrh and Cinnamon all for just a £1.00 each as a stocking filler or buy 12 for £10 for a larger gift.

Then there are the Soapstone Incense burners difsuing your incense fragrance about your home perfect for those fire lit nights.  A perfect special gift as each burner is unique in colour.

Plus if incense is not your thing then there are our new Fair Trade Certified Stearin essential oil candles starting from just £1.00

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