The perfect Incense Burner

The perfect Incense Burner

If you have been burning incense for a while you probably have used the round flat incense burner or the long stick burner, both are great to use but unfortunately they are always prone to dropping the ash on your furniture or worse in reach of children and animals.

The perfect solution is a soapstone incense burner/diffuser/tower.  Not only is the carved soapstone a beautiful decorative piece but it diffuses the fragrance of your chosen incense around your home. 

They were originally made to do just this perfect job but in the west we love them not only for this perfect incense burner technique but that all the ash from the incense stick or cone is kept safely within the confines of the burner.  Plus because the tower covers your incense stick or cone the safety element for children and animals is far better.

You can get your incense burner in natural, coloured and carved a lot or a little.  The great thing about soapstone is no two are ever alike although the basic pattern will be the same.  The stone retains a lot of its natural colour which sometimes shows through the paint and, because they are all carved by hand they are all subtly different so your incense burner will always be unique to you. 


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