Sage Just not for Cleansing

The Silver Sage is a bushy perennial of Western United States with Silvery leaves.

Like other Sages when you burn sage it has scientifically proven that the negative ions in Sage counters the positive ions in such things as pollution, dust or mould.

Although burning these types of smudges are known to help with ailments like asthma, allergies and broncatus you should not be in the same room, (if you suffer from these ailments), as the smudge whilst it is alight as the smoke can actually aggravate the problem you are trying to heal.  Once the smudging has finished, preferably by someone else, wait until the smoke has cleared and then go back in to the room.

It will feel fresher and you will be able to breath a lot easier.

This can be done on a regular basis to help keep dust and allergens down.  I tend to smudge my sons room once a week whilst he is out at college so when he comes home everything is cleansed.

For us, spiritually, Sage is a perfect smudge to burn as it can enhance our intuition, heal us mentally, balancing us spiritually which brings me on to how most people are introduced and believe how smudging Sage will help in their everyday life.

Smudging a home, place, object or yourself expels any negativity associated to it or you.  Think about how your home, or you, feel once you have smudged - I am all about how something makes you feel and how you should listen to that little voice.

When the Universe talks to us - answers a question or gives us what we have been thinking about - do not second guess it "Go with the Flow".

It is like this with smudging if you feel it works for you - your mind is clearer, life feels more positive, your home is fresher, cleaner spiritually and physically then using smudges is a good thing.

When my children are cramming for exams, assignments, even myself, when I start putting work first and start to stress that my balance in life isn't great; I will light a Sage smudge/wand, there is something about the fragrance that soothes you emotionally, the ingredients (properties) in some sages (especially White sage) can alleviate pain, reduce stress or moods.

Like everything in the modern life we will do things that add to our stress levels; for instance why do we always overeat, overspend at Xmas than spend the next two months worrying about what we have done!

This can be for anything from working too little or too much; life in general becomes imbalanced.  Sage can help with those unwanted negative thoughts that can plague us and aid in a good nights sleep.  I don't know about you but I think so much clearer and can deal positively with what life has to throw at me, after a decent good nights sleep.

Plus sage is a brilliant air freshener - no chemicals!

To use your sage make sure you have something to hold your burning sage in, a ceramic or terracotta plate, shell or smudge pot.

Use either matches (I prefer the long oven lighter) and of course a Sage smudge/wand of your choice.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog if you are interested in any of our smudge products or would like further information do not hesitate to contact us at or message us from our online store , Facebook page DMRLS or our Instagram page @dmrlslimited

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