Only 15 Day to Go Until Christmas

Only 15 Day to Go Until Christmas

Our Tree's up; thanks to my two great stars (my sons Luke & Seth) and they did a perfect job, we have tinsel over nearly every chair and banister in the rooms and every bedroom has been decorated thanks to my excited 13 year old.

The Christmas Cake is made and enjoying loads of extra alcohol, there's cookies to be made and my famous chocolate pud cakes.

What with the Christmas Markets and our online sales I just wanted to keep you all updated on our Calendars and Diary stock levels.

We now only have 5 of our wonderful Anne Stokes Once upon a Time Diary 2019 left so don't miss out on this great little pocket Diary at

Then there's our 2019 Fantasy Calendars we have roughly got about four or less in most categories left so please don't be disappointed; we stop posting from December 20th so don't leave it too late at 

We are now out of stock on Zen Cat & Unicorns.

I'll keep you posted of new deliveries and our next Market will be this Saturday 15th December at Southend on Sea from 10am to 4pm.  just give us a call or email/message me if there is anything you would like me to bring down.  If you can't make it remember any order over £10 is FREE shipping.

See you all soon

Jane x 

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