Mental Health and Fragrances

Mental Health and Fragrances

In todays blog I wanted to speak about a topic that can be very sensitive for a lot of people. I would like to start by saying this is not intended as medical advice and the effects can vary depending on each individual.

Mental health plays a large role in todays society, with more and more people  being diagnosed with a mental illness every day; most however are not getting the support and care they need. Be it through them not wanting to seek help or not being given help. Mental health is now a part of almost everyone’s life in one way or another. In todays world, which has been especially cruel, those who suffer with mental health problems are likely to feel incredibly vulnerable; with it being difficult for some already to receive help and support it is now even more tougher to get that support.

Family and friends are made to avoid one another, cutting even more support from those who need it. We are, at our core, social creatures and need to be with others, be that family, partners or friends; throughout our lives we build a support net for ourselves and now for a lot of us it has been removed, swept from under our feet. We are now cut off from those we love; children unable to see parents, grandchildren unable to see grandparents. Many comforters may now be unavailable to some people as they have either been shut down due to the current events of the world or they have had to close due to the lack of business coming to them. This year has been taxing on so many in so many ways and those who need support are now being left extremely vulnerable without their support systems in place.

In these difficult times, we do our best to stay together, be supportive of those we love and care for; everyone needs help sometimes everyone needs someone. We need to make sure that a life isn’t valued above another. However right now the world isn’t whole and is shattered. This causes so much stress on people, leaving them once again even more vulnerable than before. Those who relied on being able to go places and relax and unwind or see people within their life are now losing ways in which they would normally get the support or release that they need in order to stay safe.

Throughout my time selling incense and fragrance I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life and learnt so much by just listening. I have adhered to that principle realising that people just need someone to listen to their problems or challenges at that particular moment in time in their life and if by me just listening and letting them release that moment of pain, anxiety or anguish helps them, even for a moment, then I am always ok with that.

This brings me to the point of my blog, because over the years talking to many people that have or are suffering mental health issues I realised that fragrances can play a vital role in helping, not in medical terms, that I leave solely to the professionals, but just to aid in a way of helping on an emotional, spiritual and sensual level.

Anyone that has ever met me would say i have a bubbly personality and always  positive on my outlook on life but I really am one of those people that associates how I feel either with music and/or fragrances and if I wish to change the way I feel I will use these same tools, even combining them for a more effective result.

If you have ever lit an incense, smudge; burnt herbs or resins you will automatically know what I am saying when you take a deep breath of a particular fragrance you will have an instant effect on your feelings, emotions.

For instance, when my husband, who suffers from Mental Health issues is suffering quite bad we tend to light Palo Santo, either as an incense stick, granules or Palo Santo wood.  The effect has quite a dramatic change, it will slowly clam a racing mind and just by breathing in the fragrance of the sweet wood it will clear the negativity that can cloud his thoughts. 

Aromas can have a subtle effect when used, another fragrance that can just be drifting in the background as a fragrance oil  or incense is Sandalwood, Chandon this is a perfect fragrance to burn which will relieve melancholy and is perfect to aid a restful nights sleep.

Lemongrass is another fragrance that when burnt will help with your mental wellbeing as will Rose which is a perfect incense or fragrance oil to burn if you are feeling frustrated or angry and the scent will have a calming effect.  You can wear perfume oil for the same result.

Perfume oils will have a similar ability, my favourites are Zen Meditation, White Sage and Frankincense.  All three are a lovely perfume oil to wear and help if you are feeling low, all three have a wonderful uplifting fragrance and I have personally found that these three scents can help me throughout the day.  If you are a more florally inclined fragrance person, then Rose, Jasmine and Frangipani are a nice one to try.  My husband will usually wears Aargawood, Nag Champa and Palo Santo.  Not all at the same time, of course.

We have all heard that music played to unborn babies is good for their development so why do we stop afterwards.  Have you ever played a piece of music and it brings great memories, well mix that with a fragrance and sit back, enjoy the music and breath in the scent of your choice the difference in your emotional wellbeing will improve.  This is by no means a quick fix or substitute for medical advice but we are complex individuals that sometimes do not work with full conventional means and need a little help from a more natural approach to work along side the professionals. 

I hope you have found this blog interesting and helpful. 

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