Incense for Anxiety and Restful Sleep

Incense for Anxiety and Restful Sleep

Wouldn't it be perfect to be able to sleep just like our friend above with no cares in the world and just wake up the next day refreshed and ready to run head long into a new day, full of new ideas and welcoming the challenges ahead.

Unfortunately that cannot always happen and we find days, even weeks or months where we let anxiety invade our thoughts, paralyzing us from doing or achieving anything fulfilling.  I, for one, can relate to this - anyone that has run a business, especially in times like these, can understand and empathise with anxiety in all walks of life.

We have a tendency to not realise it is happening, letting it creep up unawares like a monkey sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear and getting heavier by the second.  I know you have heard me say many times before, our emotions can be altered just by a fragrance but this is only a small part of being able to conquer this annoying upstart.

I was just recently asked what incense would be good to combat anxiety and restless nights and whilst I was replying I realised this really did need a fuller explanation and thought back to how I personally dealt with anxiety when it reared its ugly head in my presence and how I coped with it and maybe this information will help others.

Firstly, you know when anxiety has hit hard because the pit of your stomach feels like someone has tangled your intestines into a fisherman's knot and you cannot understand why you feel this way or how it happened; it is just like waking up one day and there it is.  But if you think back over those past few days or weeks you realise you haven't slept well either, tossing and turning worrying about how to pay those bills, or how are you going to continue to care for someone, will you ever get work, will we ever move out of this awful house.  I named but a few and I am sure you can think of many more but let me get you to take a step back.

Why?  Yes, why are you worrying and letting it get you down.  When you think about it really, sit down and think, rather than feeling sick and anxious because you do not know what would happen switch your negative thoughts and think of it in a positive light.  It is your anxiety that stops you from moving forward, it is your anxiety that stops you from talking to the people you need too. You phone whoever you need to and discuss positively how to go forward - now that is done do I need to worry - no I don't.  So let's get on with the next thing.

If you turn the dark thoughts light it makes a difference and you will sleep better for it.  When you wake up worrying about something - stop thinking about all the negative things that can happen, they are only possibilities that have not happened yet, change it; think about how things will be after you have paid that bill, breezed that job interview - see yourself passing that GCSE or A level, it is amazing how your body reacts to these thoughts and suddenly you are waking up when the alarm goes off and BAM you just had a good nights sleep.

Do not give in, it can take a little time to turn those blue thoughts white but from my own personal experience I can tell you it does work.

Now, after touching on positivity and how it can help change your mind set, incense does have a part to play in combatting anxiety and restless sleep.  The obvious one we will start with is Lavender.

field of lavender in flower with a striking sunset

If you are going to use Lavender Incense I would suggest doing this in the  early evening or throughout the day, if you would like to have the scent of Lavender at night time and you do not wish to smoke your house out with incense smoke a good alternative is Lavender fragrance oil in your oil burner, it does not leave any smoke and has a much gentler scent.  Another thing you could try is a sleep pillow, have it next to you at night or under your pillow.  These pillows are primarily filled with dry Lavender flowers and herbs that aid a restful nights sleep.


Lavender is great for balancing your emotions and calming your mind and cleaning any negative thoughts from your mind.  It aids in promoting deep relaxed sleep, helping your sleeping patterns return to normal, resulting in a more positive outlook when you awaken.  Another helpful tip is to burn Lavender whilst you Meditate or do Yoga as the fragrance will help you feel relaxed physically, relieving stress and allowing you to focus whist doing these practices.

So what other incense or fragrance oils can I use other than the obvious above.  Well you could also try Chandan / Sandalwood.  This is a little beauty it not only helps with keeping that restless night at bay it also helps alleviate melancholy and irritability which always comes hand in hand with anxiety and a sleepless night.  If you also decide to take up Meditation and / or Yoga this incense is brilliant to help you feel relaxed.  


Frankincense and Myrrh are another two of my favourites to use against any anxiety - Frankincense offers protection and brings positivity into your life, making you feel uplifted and dispels any negativity from you or your home.  If I just want to close my eyes and chill out or meditate Myrrh is another nice incense to use.  They both just make you feel super relaxed physically, mentally and spiritually.  Again if you do not like the incense smoke you would probably prefer the more subtle, smoke free option of fragrance oil.



Lemon/ Lemongrass and Lotus are another few of the incense you should try to see which one works for you as well as choosing the fragrance that best suits you too.  Lotus is fantastic for bringing harmony to your moods whilst Lemon / Lemongrass are both used to relieve stress, bringing clarity to your mind, and has a calming and relaxing effect.  It is also another good incense to use for sleepless nights.  The Lotus has a sweet flowery fragrance where as both the Lemon and Lemongrass have a sharp, crisp scent that just bursts with positivity.

Lastly I am going to add Nag Champa as this is a very popular incense that everyone all knows with Sai Baba and Satya.  This wonderful fragrance comes in an incense stick, cones and fragrance oil being used to purify and sanctify your home and when used in the evening will help with your sleep and  calm your dreams.


I have named a few of the incenses and oils that can help with anxiety and sleepless nights but there are many more, its just a case of trying them until you find the one that works for you. Hope this short blog has helped.  

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