How Vision Quest Smudge Can Help You

How Vision Quest Smudge Can Help You

So we've covered some lovely smudges so far this month and I hope we have helped you understand a little about them and what they can do for you.

Today I'd love to talk about the Smudge Vision Quest.  I know a lot of you would be saying right now "I'm really not in to that kind of smudging" or may be some of you can't wait to find out what it can do for you spiritually.  Please read on as there is something for everyone, whether it is for Mind, Body and Spirit, fragrances or healing physically.

As normal I will try and break down the ingredients and give a basic summary of what they can do for you both physically, spiritually and their fragrance for your home.

Red Willow is a really interesting part of this smudge as it was used for so many things by the Native Americans.  It was a very good medicinal plant from the dogwood/willow varieties and was used in Sacred Ceremonies and smoked for Mind, Body and Spirit.

By smudging, the smoke around you is breathed in, thus helping you from within and outside of the body.  The native Americans realised that by smoking this by pipe it could heal aliments both out and inward.  

The Blue sage is a perfect compliment as it helps soften the scent of the Red Willow and help you relax for your vision quest or meditation.

The Osha Root or "Bear Root" as it was known by the Native Americans was used in smudging to purify your spirit and remove negative energies.  As a medicine this root can be used for sore throats, colds, coughs or viral infections.

Lastly Mullien is another natural cleanser of the body and mind and medicinally will help with chest infections.

I feel with all things like this it is always best to get as much information as you can from books or the internet; with some great sites helping with the health benefits that these herbs and roots can bring to us.  Now we have access to new and old information which shows us that it has not all been lost and is now resurfacing as we change our way of thinking that some natural remedies are, if not better, as good as modern medicine.

I suffered constant throat infections being given stronger and stronger antibiotics which just made me feel lousy all the time.  I wanted a more natural approach and now when I have a flare up i take 1 crushed garlic clove mixed with a spoon full of honey (I know really yukky) but i do this 3 times a day usually for just one day and my symptoms disappear.  i am not saying that this would work for everyone but looking at a more natural approach may be worth a second chance.

You should always seek professional medical advice before using anything new.

Enjoy x 

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