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Christmas has come and gone, and you have just received your first incense holder or may be purchased your own.  As with all incense burners some will be for incense sticks only, some for-incense cones only and some will be a great all-rounder.


Light your incense stick at the tip making sure that you let the flame flicker for a moment before blowing on it, make sure the tip glows a vivid red, then you place your incense stick into its holder.

You can light your incense cone the same way but remember you must hold the cone securely at its base and make sure that it does not touch your fingers, as these burn much hotter than the incense sticks.

round soapstone incense holder with Pentagram hand pained onto it for two incense sticks or incense cones 


The majority of round or square incense burners will usually have one or more holes for you to place your incense stick, this allows you to either tilt the incense stick towards the middle or have it directly in the middle of the burner to allow the ash to safely fail on the burner.

Even so, we would always advise that you use a fireproof mat or plate under this type of burner in case ash falls onto your furniture. 

selection of long wooden incense burners with different designs.  For incense sticks and cones

You may have received one of these great little starter incense burner/holders, or a more decorative version.  These are perfect for incense sticks but can be used for incense cones as well.

We would always suggest using the small metal, soapstone or clay tablet that comes with your incense cone pack to use with these type of incense holders so not to mark your holder.

Also, these types of incense holders are not generally good for catching your incense stick ash so always remember to place a heat proof dish or mat, underneath. 


For these type of incense burners, you will find that your incense will diffuse much more efficiently around your home as the carvings allow the smoke to dissipate easily and they keep the ash contained and tidy.

These burners come with intricate open carvings or can be more solid tower with vent holes throughout and above.  Please ensure that your incense stick stands upright, if it touches the inside of the burner the incense stick may go out.

You will find these versions in wood and soapstone with carving allowing the incense smoke to move freely around your home.

With some of the more elaborate soapstone you can also have tea lights as well thus making it the perfect gift as these can be a decorative ornament, incense stick and cone holder and in the evening a beautiful tea light.

When using these types of incense burners always make sure that your incense stick sits in the middle of the burner so that it does not touch the inside/  The bases can be small drilled holes in a wooden or soapstone base or may have a small rubber bung with one single hole.

You may have received an incense holder where the incense stick hangs up side down in the lid.



The one question we get asked is, how do I keep my incense stick alight in my incense holder?  So hopefully this information will help you form a long-lasting relation with incense.



As you can see from the above photo’s these are some examples of how to place your incense stick or cone, starting from the left with a soapstone base you can use the base provided with your incense cone, place in the middle of your base before placing your tower on top.

The middle picture shows a base with multiple holes, if your incense stick stands straight, place in the middle, if it leans a little try placing on one of the outside holes so that it leans inward.  Another trick is to bend the bottom bamboo stick in half which will make it firmer and stand more upright.

The final picture shows a top lidded burner, place your stick inside the hole passing through the foam until you hear the click as it touches the stone underneath, as you place it inside your burner just check that it is straight, if you find it leaning use the same trick as the base incense burner.

Lastly incense towers can get cold in transport so always remember this time of year that your incense stick may be going out because your burner is cold, especially on the inside, so always ensure that your incense holder is at room temperature inside the burner.

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