The Douglas Fir is a popular tree that is used for it's scent as well as cleansing.  It plays a huge part in helping the poorly.

When we use the Douglas Fir as a smudge this helps us physically and spiritually.

Many cultures worldwide believe that the Fir trees especially the Douglas Fir demonstrates the cycle of death and rebirth as well as spiritually symbolising immortality and eternal life, due to the fact they are an evergreen and retain their leaves (needles).

The ancient Celts believed that Fir trees symbolised - honesty, progress, longevity, resilience, friendship, remembrance and perception.

Some of these attributes you would recognise if you saw the Douglas Fir in the wild, standing straight and strong against some of the harshest seasons and weather.

Today when we smudge it can be used to help with respiratory conditions.

Plus, if you have ever smelt that lovely Christmas tree scent from a Douglas Fir you will easily think about the feelings they evoke within you; you will also recognise these reactions when you light your smudge as it releases calming and relaxing properties and energies.

When used to wash your body the smudge will also help in detoxing your body making you feel free and clean.

There is so much history and amazing heritage lost in our past including much of natures wisdom that is possibly forgotten; it is wonderful to see these traditions, way of life and natural remedies coming to the fore again.

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