History of the Humble Christmas Cards

History of the Humble Christmas Cards

Ever wondered why we send Christmas cards to each other and how it all began: 

In 1843 a young man called Sir Henry Cole, who was a senior civil servant. started it all.  He had helped set up the Public record (what is now known as the Post Office) and wanted the ordinary people to use it more.

Together with an artist, John Horsley, they designed and sold the very first Christmas Card for 1 shilling.  The card had three panels; the outer two panels showed people caring for the poor and the centre comprised of a family having a large Christmas dinner.  Although some people didn’t like the card as it depicted a child being given a glass of wine.

To begin with only wealthy people could use the new postal system but in 1840 Sir Henry Cole introduced the penny stamp which enabled the poorer population to be able to afford to post, this had been made possible due to the increasing availability of the railway.  Due to the fact trains could deliver at a much faster pace than the traditional horse and carriage it became possible to post an unsealed envelope for half a penny.

Printing methods improved greatly as did card quality, Christmas cards were being produced on mass by the 1870’s.  by the early 1900’s our very British idea had spread to Europe being taken on with gusto by the Germans.

The first cards usually showed a nativity and further along depicted a Robin associated with Winter, our diligent posties were then known as Robin Postmen due to the fact their uniform was Robin Red in colour. 

Just a little bit of last knowledge Snow Scenes became popular within the UK as Christmas Cards, as it reminded the British people of the very cold winter of 1836.

So, we come forward 100 years and now Christmas cards come in all shapes and sizes with many different wonderful designs and are still as popular as it was then.

We have over 30 amazing design from popular world renown artists, why not take a peek and see if any thing takes your fancy, if you buy four or more the postage is FREE.



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