Fragrance to Help in Winter

Fragrance to Help in Winter


With the darker nights drawing in this sometimes impacts on how we feel but you can change this view by just changing some things in our everyday lives, including what fragrances we use that can help us cope with the next few weeks, especially at Christmas. 

What has got my mum through the last few months was burning oils I would send a fragrance over that would remind her of great memories and times when we had all been together as a family as well as oils that just helped to relax and take that melancholy feeling away.  My mum prefers oils where as I like to burn a selection of incense, oils, resins, herbs and wood I always go with my gut feeling as to what I should burn on any particular day.

With Christmas fast approaching there are some lovely fragrances you can burn this time of year to get your mojo back and bring back a simpler Christmas.

One of my all time favourites for this time of year has got to be Cinnamon, for fragrance oils you can purchase it in Sac or as shown Goloka Srilankan Cinnamon this has a much purer, softer scent than most and allows you to just smell a hint in the background.  If you are an incense lover then Hem Incense cones, Satya Incense sticks are also amazing their scent is slightly sweeter and more potent than the oils so perfect if you prefer a much stronger fragrance.  Cinnamon is a perfect scent to burn nearer Christmas and especially now during lockdown due to its ability to bring good luck into your home, helping with prosperity and good fortunes by helping to build up your confidence and giving you the energy to pursue your dreams, goals and ambitions.


Frankincense and Myrrh - we could not have Christmas without these two amazing fragrances.  Now some people prefer to get the ready mixed incense and oils but I have always felt you get the best effect by placing the separate incense sticks, oils etc. together. The aroma is totally amazing and packs a punch, refreshing your home with these wonderful woody fragrances. 

lady sitting on a rock formation whilst meditating against the ocean

Frankincense when burnt dispels negativity from your home giving protection, it is a perfect fragrance for aiding meditation if you practice this;  even by just sitting quietly in a room with this aroma burning nearby will help calm any negative thoughts and help you spiritually and mentally.  It will help bring positivity back into your outlook and promote wellness.

Myrrh has similar properties in offering protection and purification of your home as well as helping you spiritually in meditation.  When combined with Frankincense you can see why people love these two gems.  Whether you prefer incense, oils, resins or woods it is a must for your collection at home including the perfume oil.  A great pick me up if you are out and about, to just dab the perfume oil onto your skin for a great burst of Frankincense.

As a child I loved the smell of Satsuma's and Tangerines from our fruit bowl at Christmas and it is an aroma that has stuck with me through the years so it is no surprise that I am suggesting this for a great Christmas and Lockdown scent to burn.  There is something that is so refreshing and cleansing  with a Citrus fragrance.  Tangerine is a wonderfully strong scent that will fill your home with happy thoughts and bring prosperity to your life.  Hem Incense Cones are a great choice and last roughly about 20 to 30 minutes depending on your burner x 

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