Fragrance Oils for Colds

Christmas has come and gone and we have stuffed ourselves with too much rich food.

Our defences are down and and we have not eaten as healthily or drunk as well as we should and it is at this time that the dreaded cold rears its ugly head.  

Feeling cold and hot,with a stuffy, bunged up nose, especially in the evenings when you are trying to sleep without having to breath through your mouth because you know in the morning your cold will be complimented with a raging sore throat to match.

For the evenings it is a must to burn either Camphor or Eucalyptus oil, these two fragrance oils are great for allowing you a good nights sleep and if you continue to burn throughout the day you suddenly realise "Hey I'm breathing really well".  this in turn makes you feel more positive and physically well which in turn allows you to recover so much quicker.

I know from my own experience when I burn these two beauties, my recovery from colds has been much improved.  I tend to burn camphor during the day as it is a much softer fragrance than eucalyptus; then Eucalyptus in the evening as the stronger fragrance has a better chance of helping my stuffy nose.


But oils alone are not the only thing in my armoury, no one thing can totally help you, if I have a strep throat I also use garlic and honey "best cure ever!" but I usually realise I got the cold in the first place because my diet was straying a little.

Detoxing your body is a great way to bring balance back in to you physically and mentally;  a great book to read is Forks over Knives it explains the reason behind a plant based diet and for those of you who love meat I am not preaching to you about going totally plant based, but take a step back and adjust some of your eating habits, add more vegetables and fruit;  it is actually where protein originates from (not animals), they just receive the protein by eating the plants.

Just before I go we would all love to wish all our customers old and new an Amazing New Year

all our best wishes Jane, Paul, Luke & Seth x


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