Cleansing Crystals

Now this is the one item we do not sell at the moment but we are asked quite a few times about them.

One of my lovely regulars asked this question, which she could not find the answer to, so I said I would look into it for her.

She needed to cleanse her crystal but wanted to do this quickly.  She already knew of cleansing with the Earth by burying it in soil and using her white sage smudge to cleanse but wondered if there was something else she could try.

So off I went to the good old internet gleaming the info from every available source I could find, asking the crystal lady Bianca and reading a great little book called Crystal Energy by Mary Lambert.

Its the one thing i love about our business you never know everything and the learning part just keeps going.

So; back to the crystal, as the quartz can go into water (others cannot so its best to always check)

Salt was one idea but reading some information it was thought this too abrasive.


White Light from you.

Crystal singing bowl, if you have a large bowl place the crystal inside with a smaller bowl place the crystal beside it the vibrations remove the negativity.  you can also get the same effect from Tingsha Chimes when used near the crystal.

Place the crystal in brown rice overnight to absorb negativity but remember to throw this away after use as the rice will have the negativity within its grains.

Moonlight (best in a full moon will lift the vibration naturally) just leave in your home where the moonlight can reach it to cleanse and charge the crystal.

I am no expert in this and it was a pleasure to help my customer and learn something new my self and if this has been of some help for you also please let me know.

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