Buy 10 Get 2 FREE

Buy 10 Get 2 FREE

So I realise that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming to a close and my husband, Paul, and I were just chatting about how unfair the four day super sale was when everything goes back to normal prices.

Christmas is just round the corner and people have so much to buy and get; spreading the money a bit thin plus they don't get to treat themselves, which is a shame.

I know at the moment I'm juggling everything, getting my three boys their presents, choosing my mum and dad's (I'm terrible I have to just wander until the gift picks me, or is that my excuse for window shopping!). and of course my wonderful hubbie, plus I love to cook even more than usual at Christmas, cakes, cookies Turkey and mince pies; amazing with my hubbies famous Day family Camperdown desert recipe.

Anyway I digress, the thing is we should take a step back at this time of year, five minutes to ourselves, deep breath and just chill.  So Paul and I looked over the favourites that you have chosen over these past months and we've added them to our Buy 10 get 2 FREE.

That means that all our roll on perfume oils, fragrance oils for burners and incense ranges are available in this ongoing deal in which you can mix and match any of these items and place them into your check out (please remember to put 12 into the basket) to get this deal, whats more you can club together with friends and family and buy as many lots of 10 that you want and we are keeping our over £10 FREE shipping so that's two amazing offers in one.

No discount code is needed as the checkout will automatically do this for you.

Please note that you cannot use any other discount code if you chose the 10 for 2 free. 

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