Back Flow Incense Holders / Burners / Incense Cones Review


We’ve spoken about traditional incense burners/holders and how to use them but over the past few years a new burner has entered the arena and with its magical effects, it is becoming a popular incense burner to use.

With Back Flow incense burners, you are only able to burn the back flow incense cones that have been made especially for use with these burners.  To begin with these burners had a great effect but their fragrance was never anywhere near the same as the normal incense cones and sticks, and in fact could sometimes have an awful smell.

Just like incense cones you light the tip and await the tip to glow red, but unlike a normal incense cone where you would place this on or in your burner for the incense to start to smoke and fill your room with that fragrance’s aroma you must allow the back flow incense cone to burn at least a third down before the back flow magic begins.

Back Flow incense cones have come on a long way from when they first arrived into our homes and some of the leading brands are now making an incense cone that is also fragrant as well as a back flow cone although they have a nicer scent it cannot replace an original incense cones fragrance due to it’s need to produce the back flow smoke.

Tribal Soul White Copal Back Flow incense cones in packet.


These incense cones will give your room a pleasant fragrance whilst producing the spiritual effect of the drifting smoke downwards.


Just like the back flow incense cones Back Flow incense burners come in many shapes and sizes and materials they are made from.  When you use your back flow burner it is always best to have a cloth or mat underneath your burner as the incense smoke will leave a residue on your burner and any furniture it touches.

To keep your burner clean from the residue left by the back flow incense cones just gently remove using some soapy water with a damp cloth.  This will keep your burner clean and keep the colours in your ceramic or resin burner fresh.

Another tip is to make sure that your burner is as far away as possible from any draughts or doors.  There cannot always be a best place for your burner but if it is in as draught free as possible position you will be able to enjoy your burner happily. 

A lot of ceramic burners, now have reservoirs inside where the back flow smoke can fill making sure it does not touch your furniture, or like some resin burners come with a mat to protect your furniture.  You will know if your placement is good as the smoke will drift down easily, if you find that the smoke tends to blow over to one side as it drops you may find that it needs a more secluded position.  There are back flow burners that are now available that are inside a glass cylinder which does help combat this if you have no good place to put your burner.

blue top glazed vase waterfall back flow incense cone burner.

This design of Back Flow is a glazed apple shape where the incense cone sits up top where the smoke is allowed to drop down on waterfall cups into the reservoir below.

This is a great incense burner to purchase if you prefer everything to stay inside your burner.

mushroom resin troll back flow incense cone burner.

This Back Flow Incense Burner is a resin design, these burners tend to be completely black or very colourful.  With these incense burners you usually find that they will come with a black mat to capture any flowing downward smoke.  If one is not provided, I would always suggest adding one of your own or placing a table mat underneath.

With Resin Burners their designs can be much more imaginative.

black ceramic back flow incense cone waterfall

Finally, another very popular starter Back Flow incense burner are these designs.  They are all quite small and will not break the bank, so make it a great starter burner to use.  They come in multiple waterfall designs, in jet black glazed ceramic which make it super easy to keep clean.

I would place a mat or dish underneath these types of burners to ensure the back flow smoke does not touch your furniture.

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