Autumn Has Arrived

So, Summer is now behind us and Autumn has arrived with gales, rain and conkers.  The children have gone back to school (with half term a couple of weeks away) and we are already getting ready for Halloween, Fire Works Night and Christmas                                                                                                                      



For us Christmas does tend to come early and we are organising our new products which will be arriving in the coming months, increasing our ever popular Greeting & Christmas Card range, incense, smudges, herbs plus loads more.

Our Seasonal Collections are going down a treat and we have only just introduced them to everyone. These include our ever popular Pentagram collection and Cobra with a small addition of our last remaining rectangle incense burners.  

As you all know we have had to close our market stalls in Southend and have stopped our shows momentarily whilst Paul re-coups from surgery last year - so we decided to put all our efforts in to the web site.

The best bit about this is, now, my two youngest boys are fully involved in the business whilst my eldest enjoys Unni life for another year.  So we are truly DMRLS - Dad, Mum, Ryan, Luke & Seth.

I am getting to grips with Social Media with the help of my boys and should be blogging weekly, if not more by the end of the month on various subjects, info and product updates, along side a weekly newsletter that is already going out.

If anyone would like me to send details of our newsletter or would like me to blog about a particular product don't hesitate to contact us and I will certainly add that to my list.

Speak to you all soon.

Jane x

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