New Seasonal Collections For December

New Seasonal Collections For December

It's been a while since my last Blog.

For this month we have two new collections arriving on to the web site both ONLY £19 incl. incense.

These are fantastic Christmas Gift ideas with a beautiful festive colour soapstone incense burner with six of our amazing high quality incense.

Also arriving is our Oil Burner selection which is only £12.99

This amazing collection comes with six fragrances associated with Christmas Apple Cinnamon & clove, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Frakincense, Sandal & Cinnamon and Tangerine each in 10ml bottles from SAC.

If you already have your incense burner or oil burner you can buy all the incense and oils separately on our web site.


Tribal Soul New Fragrances & How They can Help You

So, as promised I have spent this week enjoying the new Tribal Soul fragrances and will be giving honest information on how the scent lasts and if it lives up to its hype.

First - was the beautiful Tribal Soul Sweet grass and Cedar and this did not disappoint in any shape or form.

As with all Tribal Soul incense the incense stick lasted just over 60 minutes and smoked well (as you know i prefer the soapstone carved incense burners) so the diffusion of the incense is spread move evenly about our home.

The combination of the sweet grass and cedar was a perfect match, the incense was not at all pungent and gave a gentle sweet woody fragrance that was soothing and pleasant.

It is a perfect incense to light for cleansing your home offering healing and protection and i must admit when lit the fragrance does have this overwhelming sensation of feeling good, perfect for banishing any negativity you have had that day.

Second - was the Tribal Soul White Sage & Palo Santo 

Again just over 60 minutes before going out and the fragrance stayed in our home for about 24 hours - not quite as long as the Sweet grass and Cedar.

The first scent to reach me was the lovely herbal fragrance of White Sage which was quickly followed by the sweet woody smell of Palo Santo.  It did not take long for this incense to blend these two beautiful fragrances together and the combined scent was sublime.

As most of you will know White sage is a perfect incense to burn for cleansing and removing negativity from your life, home and or any objects whilst Palo Santo is a wonderful healing incense. (I use it for my sons eczema on his hands - amazing stuff).

This incense just makes you feel good and is a great incense to burn to combat the frustrations of life that creep up on us from time to time.

Third to try was the Tribal Soul Palo Santo and Pinion Pine

This incense stick lasted just under the 60 minutes  but if you love the smells of forest and wood this is a brilliant incense to burn.

It smoked well and was in nearly all our rooms within minutes of lighting.  As I've said before I genuinely love Palo Santo but have honestly not really burnt my Pinion pine wood that much so I was interested to see how these two fragrances would combine.

Once again Hari Darshan have not disappointed with the new range and the fragrance is now in my top ten of favourite incense to use.

The rich Pine fragrance from the Pinion Pine is probably the stronger of the two fragrances but you cannot mistake the Palo Santos gentle scent underlying this two tone incense.

Palo Santo is a perfect incense to burn for healing and with the Pinion Pine it clears the way for you to experience cleansing your aura and strengthening your spiritual self.

Finally we have the Tribal Soul White sage and Lavender

Now I left this to last I was in need of some cleansing and relaxation, we'd had a busy, hectic week and I just wanted to re-charge; starting with burning this particular incense so that I could feel relaxed and start the next day refreshed.

The incense did not smoke as much as the other three but still well enough to reach our rooms in a few minutes but I didn't like the mixture of the White sage with the Lavender - don't know why?

The White sage was definitely the stronger of the two fragrances with the Lavender not really coming through that much but you could smell its fragrance.  but in saying that my youngest son enjoyed it.

The White sage and Lavender is a good combination due to the White Sage cleansing any negativity of the day away followed with the Lavender this is a perfect incense to burn for returning your emotional balance and aiding with relaxation.

I did actually have a good nights sleep so who am i to say it didn't work.

But on saying that, this is my own experience with the incense you may have a similar of totally different experience that's what makes us all so unique.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog about these great new incense's, if you have any questions or ideas on what you would like me to write about next just drop me a line at

from all of us at enjoy x

Thoughts for the Day

I’ve recently had some time to think about life, and everything around it, and I’ve come to realise that some people are becoming lost in the fact that they believe that everything they do is pre-planned for them, that no matter what they do they’ll end up in the same place, but that’s not true that’s not the truth.

Life is an amazing journey, that’s kinder on some than others, but the truth is our life is only written in stone when you start thinking I can’t instead of I can, or there’s no point instead of let’s try this; I’ve come to think that because so many of us are told that if we don’t get this we can’t do that, it removes the will to try, it removes that drive to keep going; but I want you to imagine that your looking in a mirror, one in front of you and one behind, now how many reflections do you see.

Now most will take a few moments to realise that there’s more reflections than the one in front of them, that there’s more options than the one given to them.

Now people who know that they have more than one way to go will see all the reflections behind the one that’s covering them, so many people miss that, so many people see just that one reflection missing all the chances behind it; people have gotten so used to going from point A to point B, that they forget there’s a point C, D, E and so on, I want to change that by reminding people that there’s more than one way, share the hashtag #morethanoneway.

by Luke Day

Autumn Has Arrived

So, Summer is now behind us and Autumn has arrived with gales, rain and conkers.  The children have gone back to school (with half term a couple of weeks away) and we are already getting ready for Halloween, Fire Works Night and Christmas                                                                                                                      



For us Christmas does tend to come early and we are organising our new products which will be arriving in the coming months, increasing our ever popular Greeting & Christmas Card range, incense, smudges, herbs plus loads more.

Our Seasonal Collections are going down a treat and we have only just introduced them to everyone. These include our ever popular Pentagram collection and Cobra with a small addition of our last remaining rectangle incense burners.  

As you all know we have had to close our market stalls in Southend and have stopped our shows momentarily whilst Paul re-coups from surgery last year - so we decided to put all our efforts in to the web site.

The best bit about this is, now, my two youngest boys are fully involved in the business whilst my eldest enjoys Unni life for another year.  So we are truly DMRLS - Dad, Mum, Ryan, Luke & Seth.

I am getting to grips with Social Media with the help of my boys and should be blogging weekly, if not more by the end of the month on various subjects, info and product updates, along side a weekly newsletter that is already going out.

If anyone would like me to send details of our newsletter or would like me to blog about a particular product don't hesitate to contact us and I will certainly add that to my list.

Speak to you all soon.

Jane x

How Vision Quest Smudge Can Help You

How Vision Quest Smudge Can Help You

So we've covered some lovely smudges so far this month and I hope we have helped you understand a little about them and what they can do for you.

Today I'd love to talk about the Smudge Vision Quest.  I know a lot of you would be saying right now "I'm really not in to that kind of smudging" or may be some of you can't wait to find out what it can do for you spiritually.  Please read on as there is something for everyone, whether it is for Mind, Body and Spirit, fragrances or healing physically.

As normal I will try and break down the ingredients and give a basic summary of what they can do for you both physically, spiritually and their fragrance for your home.

Red Willow is a really interesting part of this smudge as it was used for so many things by the Native Americans.  It was a very good medicinal plant from the dogwood/willow varieties and was used in Sacred Ceremonies and smoked for Mind, Body and Spirit.

By smudging, the smoke around you is breathed in, thus helping you from within and outside of the body.  The native Americans realised that by smoking this by pipe it could heal aliments both out and inward.  

The Blue sage is a perfect compliment as it helps soften the scent of the Red Willow and help you relax for your vision quest or meditation.

The Osha Root or "Bear Root" as it was known by the Native Americans was used in smudging to purify your spirit and remove negative energies.  As a medicine this root can be used for sore throats, colds, coughs or viral infections.

Lastly Mullien is another natural cleanser of the body and mind and medicinally will help with chest infections.

I feel with all things like this it is always best to get as much information as you can from books or the internet; with some great sites helping with the health benefits that these herbs and roots can bring to us.  Now we have access to new and old information which shows us that it has not all been lost and is now resurfacing as we change our way of thinking that some natural remedies are, if not better, as good as modern medicine.

I suffered constant throat infections being given stronger and stronger antibiotics which just made me feel lousy all the time.  I wanted a more natural approach and now when I have a flare up i take 1 crushed garlic clove mixed with a spoon full of honey (I know really yukky) but i do this 3 times a day usually for just one day and my symptoms disappear.  i am not saying that this would work for everyone but looking at a more natural approach may be worth a second chance.

You should always seek professional medical advice before using anything new.

Enjoy x 



Blue Sage is also known as Grandmother Sage and is a purifying herb or smudge, unlike White sage, blue sage has a softer more subtle fragrance but like White Sage it can be used to heal and clear negativity from your home, object and person.

The Mandrake is believed to bring good fortune and is a great smudge to burn for cleansing negativity and Magic protection whilst sleeping.

I must admit I do like to burn this as a substitute to Lavender if I feel i am letting my worries taking up too much of my thoughts.  Once lit just sit back and relax breathing in deeply and you will feel totally at peace with sleep coming easily.

This will give you a good nights sleep and you do feel refreshed and any negative thoughts are gone replaced with positive new ones.

If you meditate this smudge is great herb to burn as it does really help your medative state. 

Enjoy x



Copal is a natural tree resin with a long history; used by the Mayans and Native people of South and Central America for its medicinal uses.

It was traditionally used for expelling disease from the body and is another great incense/smudge that can be used to keep Gnats away from you and your home.

As with all natures gifts Copal is a beautiful fragrance to burn as it is thought to be able to help with depression and stress; calming the emotional paths within and removing the negative energy blocking your inner strength.

Copal also helps with meditation as it can increase your awareness and vibrations.

Like Sage, Copal is a perfect resin/incense or smudge to burn as it can clear negative energy from places and people replacing it with positivity and clarity.

The fragrance has a soft subtle woody scent that for those of you that love pine forests and the feelings they promote is a perfect match.

When I am feeling a little low I love to light this wonderful smudge as the sage cleanses our home and us and the Copal has the capacity to uplift your emotions and clear your mind of negative thoughts.

If ever there was a perfect Smudge to use to Spring clean our mind and body this would be one of those I would choose.

Product information:-

The Sage sticks are made with Sage from New Mexico.  All the sticks are wrapped with 100% cotton yarn for safe and healthful burning.  Each ingredient is considered a sacred herb used for centuries by Native Americans in their smudging ceremonies.

Smudging is the name given  to the burning of these herbs for the purposes of cleansing and sending our prayers.

Sage and Copal help with removing negativity from your person, object or home, helping with Psychic vibrations and visions.

Light the end of your Sage stick and after it has ignited, extinguish the flame and direct the smoke around your body.  You may wish to hold a container in your other hand to catch the ashes or to serve as a resting place for the smouldering stick if you use a fan or a feather to direct the smoke.  You can direct the smoke around yourself, another person or in your place of ceremony to purify the energy that is present.  The smoke from your Sage stick may also be directed as an invocation honouring the four directions, the father, Sun and the Mother earth (Fathermothergod) to extinguish your Sage stick smother the end and examine closely to make sure the stick is completely out.

Note: Your stick may continue to burn if not completely extinguished.  Never leave unattended.

Enjoy x


The Douglas Fir is a popular tree that is used for it's scent as well as cleansing.  It plays a huge part in helping the poorly.

When we use the Douglas Fir as a smudge this helps us physically and spiritually.

Many cultures worldwide believe that the Fir trees especially the Douglas Fir demonstrates the cycle of death and rebirth as well as spiritually symbolising immortality and eternal life, due to the fact they are an evergreen and retain their leaves (needles).

The ancient Celts believed that Fir trees symbolised - honesty, progress, longevity, resilience, friendship, remembrance and perception.

Some of these attributes you would recognise if you saw the Douglas Fir in the wild, standing straight and strong against some of the harshest seasons and weather.

Today when we smudge it can be used to help with respiratory conditions.

Plus, if you have ever smelt that lovely Christmas tree scent from a Douglas Fir you will easily think about the feelings they evoke within you; you will also recognise these reactions when you light your smudge as it releases calming and relaxing properties and energies.

When used to wash your body the smudge will also help in detoxing your body making you feel free and clean.

There is so much history and amazing heritage lost in our past including much of natures wisdom that is possibly forgotten; it is wonderful to see these traditions, way of life and natural remedies coming to the fore again.

Poorly Paul

So Paul is not feeling too good so I'm taking advantage of the Easter break and we will be taking a couple of days off to re-coup and re-charge.

I will be at the Thursday market and Saturday market in Southend on Sea this week so you can catch up on your incense there.

if you need to talk to us don't hesitate to contact us on

Mother's Day Special Offers & More

So that dreaded March wind has cancelled yet another Thursday Market in Southend this week so apologies to everyone who was waiting to see is this week.  Hopefully all being well we will be at the market as usual on Thursday the 21st March.

But on a good note we will be at our first show of the year at Cressing Temple Barns all weekend in the craft Marque on the 16th & 17th March so if you'd like a great day out with lots of food and gifts this is a show to go to especially if you are after that unusual present for your mum this Mother's Day.

Plus we haven't stopped with those special ideas to help you with your Mothers Day ideas.  We have some beautiful hand made and painted Fair Trade wooden sculpted British birds made by a lovely family run business in Thailand.

We only have a limited amount and we will be adding one to any purchase over £20 until we run out.

We have Blue Tit, Bull Finch, Chaffinch, Crested Tit, Goldcrest, Great Tit, Nuthatch and Wren.

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