Important Royal Mail Update 1st April 2020

Please read the following carefully as due to the new opening times of our local Sorting/Delivery Office our dispatches will probably be every other day excluding Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

We are still open as usual but it may just take a little longer for your order to reach you.  If you have any questions about the details below please do contact us and we will try our best to give any up to date information that we have.

Customer Service Points – Temporary Change in Opening Hours

To protect the health and safety of our people and the general public, from Monday 6 April, we are changing the opening times of our Customer Services Points in our local delivery offices.  Our largest locations will be open between 07:00-11:00am. All other Customer Service Points will be open between 07:00-09:00am. All will be closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

To support the Government’s advice to stay at home and avoid non-essential journeys, we urge customers to only visit Customer Service Points where absolutely necessary. As a reminder, we can also redeliver your item(s) for free.  Schedule your redelivery here.


Longer retention periods in Customer Service Points

To give you longer to collect or have your item redelivered, we are temporarily extending the retention period to 30 calendar days from Monday 6 April before items are returned to sender.

This applies to the following:

  • Items we’ve left a ‘Something for You’ card
  • Items that have a ‘Surcharge to Pay’
  • Items that have a ‘Customs Charge to Pay’
  • Local Collect items where the parcel is addressed to the Customer Service Point

Back Flow Incense Burners vs Traditional Incense Burners

We are asked these questions often. 

"What incense burner would you suggest?"

"Are back flow incense cones or burners like the other cones I have?"

Well, I hope this blog will help answer some of those questions.  To begin with, Back Flow burners and the incense cones that you use for them are very different from traditional incense cones.

Firstly, traditional incense cones allow the smoke to rise and fragrant your home with the scent that you have chosen.  They tend to last between 20 or 40 minutes depending on the brand and quality that you purchase.  You would usually use a traditional incense burner, be it a long or round wooden, ceramic or soapstone incense burner, that would catch the ash left behind (always be aware that the cone will be red hot, so let it cool down before disposing of the ash).

The Back flow incense cone is totally different to the normal traditional incense cone.  You will see, below, on the right that the traditional incense cone is slimmer and has a more cone, pyramid, look, whilst the back flow incense cone has a much stockier, rounded look.  If you look at the second photo below you will see why - the back flow has a hole in the base which allows the heavier incense smoke to drift downward giving you those amazing displays on a back flow incense burner.  Depending on the quality and brand of the back flow incense cone you purchase, the manufacturers are now making the back flow issue a much more fragrant scent but it will not compare to a traditional incense cone as its primary design is to flow downward and not fragrance your home.  If you want your incense to fragrance your home the traditional one is the best.

As with both incense cones lighting them is the same, the only difference with a back flow is when you make it flame at the tip and blow to make the end red you must allow it to burn down at least a third before placing on to your back flow burner to make it work, where as the traditional can be placed on your burner as soon as you see the red tip and it begins to smoke.

Once the cone is placed on the top of your back flow incense burner you will see the smoke start to drift downward in a thick fog, depending on the design of your burner this will be out of a dragons mouth or as a waterfall.

Both burners will be effected by a draught, so always think where you want to place your burner, insuring that it is always out of reach of children and pets.  For a traditional burner the draught will just push the fragrance around the room but for a back flow burner this will have a much wider impact.  The air movement will disperse and move the downward mist away from the burner stopping any effect it has, even walking past a back flow burner will effect the way it works so always think about where you want to place it.

Not only do you want to think about where you place your burners but also what the incense will do to your furniture. The traditional burner will collect the ash from the cone quite simply on to its base but it is always prudent to place a heat resistant mat or plate under your burner just in case, also check your walls as the oils used in incense can leave a mark against them.

The back flow burner does leave a residue as shown in the photo's below.  It will coat the burner itself but more importantly will leave a stain on your furniture so if the burner does not have a big enough catch at the bottom and you see it drift over your furniture place something underneath to insure no stains.


Always check the instructions with your burner on to how to clean them but we usually find especially for soapstone and ceramic warm soapy water is best to clean your item after use.  For the soapstone you can do this less than the back flow burners.

The thing to remember about both types of burners and cones is what exactly do you want from them.  If you would just like an effect driven burner with a slight fragrance then the Back Flow burner is a good choice, how ever if you wish to fragrance your home with a pleasant fragrance a traditional cone and ash catcher is the better option - or use both depending on your mood. (just not at the same time).

I hope you have found this piece interesting if you would like to ask us any further questions do not hesitate to email me on we are always happy to help.

Sage Just not for Cleansing

The Silver Sage is a bushy perennial of Western United States with Silvery leaves.

Like other Sages when you burn sage it has scientifically proven that the negative ions in Sage counters the positive ions in such things as pollution, dust or mould.

Although burning these types of smudges are known to help with ailments like asthma, allergies and broncatus you should not be in the same room, (if you suffer from these ailments), as the smudge whilst it is alight as the smoke can actually aggravate the problem you are trying to heal.  Once the smudging has finished, preferably by someone else, wait until the smoke has cleared and then go back in to the room.

It will feel fresher and you will be able to breath a lot easier.

This can be done on a regular basis to help keep dust and allergens down.  I tend to smudge my sons room once a week whilst he is out at college so when he comes home everything is cleansed.

For us, spiritually, Sage is a perfect smudge to burn as it can enhance our intuition, heal us mentally, balancing us spiritually which brings me on to how most people are introduced and believe how smudging Sage will help in their everyday life.

Smudging a home, place, object or yourself expels any negativity associated to it or you.  Think about how your home, or you, feel once you have smudged - I am all about how something makes you feel and how you should listen to that little voice.

When the Universe talks to us - answers a question or gives us what we have been thinking about - do not second guess it "Go with the Flow".

It is like this with smudging if you feel it works for you - your mind is clearer, life feels more positive, your home is fresher, cleaner spiritually and physically then using smudges is a good thing.

When my children are cramming for exams, assignments, even myself, when I start putting work first and start to stress that my balance in life isn't great; I will light a Sage smudge/wand, there is something about the fragrance that soothes you emotionally, the ingredients (properties) in some sages (especially White sage) can alleviate pain, reduce stress or moods.

Like everything in the modern life we will do things that add to our stress levels; for instance why do we always overeat, overspend at Xmas than spend the next two months worrying about what we have done!

This can be for anything from working too little or too much; life in general becomes imbalanced.  Sage can help with those unwanted negative thoughts that can plague us and aid in a good nights sleep.  I don't know about you but I think so much clearer and can deal positively with what life has to throw at me, after a decent good nights sleep.

Plus sage is a brilliant air freshener - no chemicals!

To use your sage make sure you have something to hold your burning sage in, a ceramic or terracotta plate, shell or smudge pot.

Use either matches (I prefer the long oven lighter) and of course a Sage smudge/wand of your choice.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog if you are interested in any of our smudge products or would like further information do not hesitate to contact us at or message us from our online store , Facebook page DMRLS or our Instagram page @dmrlslimited

Happy Tailang Swami Jayanti

Happy Tailang Swami Jayanti

Today on the 6th January 2020 the celebration of Shri Tailang Swami Jayanti is celebrated by the Hindu community with a festival.

Tailang Swami was believed to have divine powers and was an incarnation of the lord Shiva whereas some of his disciples thought of him as “The walking Shiva of Varanasi”

He lived an extraordinary long life from1607 – 1887 about 280 years and was a Hindu Yogi spending most of his lifetime in Varanasi in India.

His anniversary is celebrated from the Hindu Lunar Calendar falling on Ekadashi Tithi in the month of Pausha during Shukla Paksha.

He taught controlled and contented living.  He realised that man’s senses were his enemies if left uncontrolled.  Although bad masters they could be good servants – they all needed to be controlled and emotions like greed, lust, gluttony and pride should not be entertained.

We all could use time to help control these emotions from time to time.  I always try to find some time in the day what ever I may be doing and just take a moment to be grateful of all what I have.

There are so many times when we lean towards what we do not have, and complain, not realising that these emotions are getting the better of us and controlling us instead of the other way around.  They hinder you from achieving your goals.

Take a moment, light some Ayurveda, smile, appreciate what you have then your mind will be clear to take on the day.

Enjoy x





The Cold Moon

10th January 2020 – is the Full Moon (the Cold Moon)

It is also known by its name of Wolf Moon or Snow Moon by Native Americans due to the snow on the ground and the fact that Wolves howled more intensely within this month.

The Cold Moon in January is a perfect time to re-charge our inner selves and bring balance to us spiritually.

Like New Year Resolutions this is an amazing time to take a step back and revaluate ourselves and reconnect to nature and everything around us, spiritually, magically, naturally.

As January has much shorter days and longer nights the Full moon can help you work on your intuition.

At this time of year I like to declutter myself physically and mentally – letting go of events and things from the past year, I have not let go of, and are causing an imbalance in my spiritual being, as well as having a massive tidy and decluttering of my home, so both my physical and spiritual health is in complete balance.

There are many ways that this can be done through crystals, meditation, herbs, smudging and incense.

Use what makes you feel right – if its crystals use them; if it is burning incense do that, it is always about what makes you feel complete, not what someone else does, it is what you use that is unique to you and you alone.

Experiment to see what works for you.  I always let these things happen naturally I never think “oh this is what I should be using” I always feel – sometimes I will use smudges other time incense alone will be enough for what I need.

On the 10th I will probably use Lemongrass due to its properties to be able to aid in your mental wellbeing, relieving stress and helping you feel calm and relaxed.

There are other incense you can burn at this time – Frankincense & Myrrh, Lavender, Forest, Cedar, Nag Champa, Oodh and of course White Sage.

You can find a lot of these items as herbs or within smudges that will do the exact same thing.

For my middle son the incense smoke can sometimes affect his asthma, so he prefers to burn these fragrances in his oil burner.

As I said before this is purely something that is personal to you.

Enjoy x



Fragrance Oils for Colds

Christmas has come and gone and we have stuffed ourselves with too much rich food.

Our defences are down and and we have not eaten as healthily or drunk as well as we should and it is at this time that the dreaded cold rears its ugly head.  

Feeling cold and hot,with a stuffy, bunged up nose, especially in the evenings when you are trying to sleep without having to breath through your mouth because you know in the morning your cold will be complimented with a raging sore throat to match.

For the evenings it is a must to burn either Camphor or Eucalyptus oil, these two fragrance oils are great for allowing you a good nights sleep and if you continue to burn throughout the day you suddenly realise "Hey I'm breathing really well".  this in turn makes you feel more positive and physically well which in turn allows you to recover so much quicker.

I know from my own experience when I burn these two beauties, my recovery from colds has been much improved.  I tend to burn camphor during the day as it is a much softer fragrance than eucalyptus; then Eucalyptus in the evening as the stronger fragrance has a better chance of helping my stuffy nose.


But oils alone are not the only thing in my armoury, no one thing can totally help you, if I have a strep throat I also use garlic and honey "best cure ever!" but I usually realise I got the cold in the first place because my diet was straying a little.

Detoxing your body is a great way to bring balance back in to you physically and mentally;  a great book to read is Forks over Knives it explains the reason behind a plant based diet and for those of you who love meat I am not preaching to you about going totally plant based, but take a step back and adjust some of your eating habits, add more vegetables and fruit;  it is actually where protein originates from (not animals), they just receive the protein by eating the plants.

Just before I go we would all love to wish all our customers old and new an Amazing New Year

all our best wishes Jane, Paul, Luke & Seth x


New Seasonal Collections For December

New Seasonal Collections For December

It's been a while since my last Blog.

For this month we have two new collections arriving on to the web site both ONLY £19 incl. incense.

These are fantastic Christmas Gift ideas with a beautiful festive colour soapstone incense burner with six of our amazing high quality incense.

Also arriving is our Oil Burner selection which is only £12.99

This amazing collection comes with six fragrances associated with Christmas Apple Cinnamon & clove, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Frakincense, Sandal & Cinnamon and Tangerine each in 10ml bottles from SAC.

If you already have your incense burner or oil burner you can buy all the incense and oils separately on our web site.


Tribal Soul New Fragrances & How They can Help You

So, as promised I have spent this week enjoying the new Tribal Soul fragrances and will be giving honest information on how the scent lasts and if it lives up to its hype.

First - was the beautiful Tribal Soul Sweet grass and Cedar and this did not disappoint in any shape or form.

As with all Tribal Soul incense the incense stick lasted just over 60 minutes and smoked well (as you know i prefer the soapstone carved incense burners) so the diffusion of the incense is spread move evenly about our home.

The combination of the sweet grass and cedar was a perfect match, the incense was not at all pungent and gave a gentle sweet woody fragrance that was soothing and pleasant.

It is a perfect incense to light for cleansing your home offering healing and protection and i must admit when lit the fragrance does have this overwhelming sensation of feeling good, perfect for banishing any negativity you have had that day.

Second - was the Tribal Soul White Sage & Palo Santo 

Again just over 60 minutes before going out and the fragrance stayed in our home for about 24 hours - not quite as long as the Sweet grass and Cedar.

The first scent to reach me was the lovely herbal fragrance of White Sage which was quickly followed by the sweet woody smell of Palo Santo.  It did not take long for this incense to blend these two beautiful fragrances together and the combined scent was sublime.

As most of you will know White sage is a perfect incense to burn for cleansing and removing negativity from your life, home and or any objects whilst Palo Santo is a wonderful healing incense. (I use it for my sons eczema on his hands - amazing stuff).

This incense just makes you feel good and is a great incense to burn to combat the frustrations of life that creep up on us from time to time.

Third to try was the Tribal Soul Palo Santo and Pinion Pine

This incense stick lasted just under the 60 minutes  but if you love the smells of forest and wood this is a brilliant incense to burn.

It smoked well and was in nearly all our rooms within minutes of lighting.  As I've said before I genuinely love Palo Santo but have honestly not really burnt my Pinion pine wood that much so I was interested to see how these two fragrances would combine.

Once again Hari Darshan have not disappointed with the new range and the fragrance is now in my top ten of favourite incense to use.

The rich Pine fragrance from the Pinion Pine is probably the stronger of the two fragrances but you cannot mistake the Palo Santos gentle scent underlying this two tone incense.

Palo Santo is a perfect incense to burn for healing and with the Pinion Pine it clears the way for you to experience cleansing your aura and strengthening your spiritual self.

Finally we have the Tribal Soul White sage and Lavender

Now I left this to last I was in need of some cleansing and relaxation, we'd had a busy, hectic week and I just wanted to re-charge; starting with burning this particular incense so that I could feel relaxed and start the next day refreshed.

The incense did not smoke as much as the other three but still well enough to reach our rooms in a few minutes but I didn't like the mixture of the White sage with the Lavender - don't know why?

The White sage was definitely the stronger of the two fragrances with the Lavender not really coming through that much but you could smell its fragrance.  but in saying that my youngest son enjoyed it.

The White sage and Lavender is a good combination due to the White Sage cleansing any negativity of the day away followed with the Lavender this is a perfect incense to burn for returning your emotional balance and aiding with relaxation.

I did actually have a good nights sleep so who am i to say it didn't work.

But on saying that, this is my own experience with the incense you may have a similar of totally different experience that's what makes us all so unique.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog about these great new incense's, if you have any questions or ideas on what you would like me to write about next just drop me a line at

from all of us at enjoy x

Thoughts for the Day

I’ve recently had some time to think about life, and everything around it, and I’ve come to realise that some people are becoming lost in the fact that they believe that everything they do is pre-planned for them, that no matter what they do they’ll end up in the same place, but that’s not true that’s not the truth.

Life is an amazing journey, that’s kinder on some than others, but the truth is our life is only written in stone when you start thinking I can’t instead of I can, or there’s no point instead of let’s try this; I’ve come to think that because so many of us are told that if we don’t get this we can’t do that, it removes the will to try, it removes that drive to keep going; but I want you to imagine that your looking in a mirror, one in front of you and one behind, now how many reflections do you see.

Now most will take a few moments to realise that there’s more reflections than the one in front of them, that there’s more options than the one given to them.

Now people who know that they have more than one way to go will see all the reflections behind the one that’s covering them, so many people miss that, so many people see just that one reflection missing all the chances behind it; people have gotten so used to going from point A to point B, that they forget there’s a point C, D, E and so on, I want to change that by reminding people that there’s more than one way, share the hashtag #morethanoneway.

by Luke Day

Autumn Has Arrived

So, Summer is now behind us and Autumn has arrived with gales, rain and conkers.  The children have gone back to school (with half term a couple of weeks away) and we are already getting ready for Halloween, Fire Works Night and Christmas                                                                                                                      



For us Christmas does tend to come early and we are organising our new products which will be arriving in the coming months, increasing our ever popular Greeting & Christmas Card range, incense, smudges, herbs plus loads more.

Our Seasonal Collections are going down a treat and we have only just introduced them to everyone. These include our ever popular Pentagram collection and Cobra with a small addition of our last remaining rectangle incense burners.  

As you all know we have had to close our market stalls in Southend and have stopped our shows momentarily whilst Paul re-coups from surgery last year - so we decided to put all our efforts in to the web site.

The best bit about this is, now, my two youngest boys are fully involved in the business whilst my eldest enjoys Unni life for another year.  So we are truly DMRLS - Dad, Mum, Ryan, Luke & Seth.

I am getting to grips with Social Media with the help of my boys and should be blogging weekly, if not more by the end of the month on various subjects, info and product updates, along side a weekly newsletter that is already going out.

If anyone would like me to send details of our newsletter or would like me to blog about a particular product don't hesitate to contact us and I will certainly add that to my list.

Speak to you all soon.

Jane x

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